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My company is located in the Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu Province Jiangdu, located in the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Jiangdu Zhenwu the exit, the transportation is very convenient, is an area of ​​100 80 acres, 10 million yuan of registered capital, with 20 years of history well-known enterprises, has deep historical and technical background, experience a number of experienced technical team of the practice, as well as outstanding management team has a wealth of experience, the company's production area of ​​25,200 square meters, has the shape of the core making facilities: ester production line of a hardened sodium silicate sand, resin sand production line 3. Melting equipment for the 15-ton electric arc furnace 1, 10 tons, 1.5 tons, 0.75 tons of medium frequency induction furnace, the maximum lifting capacity of 50 tons, with a strong technology and new product development capabilities, has passed ISO9001 quality system certificate, ISO14001 environment system certification, and BV, CCS, RINA, ABS factory approval. Has formed a capacity of 15,000 tons of production of a variety of cast steel (carbon steel, alloy steel), and has produced a single maximum weight of 30 tons. High production casting surface quality and dimensional accuracy, dimensional accuracy of CT9-10, surface roughness 50ηm.
    In 2008, has completed the investment cast steel factory, invested 50 million yuan, the new plant of 15,000 square meters, power matching 3.5WKV is a large steel factory has advanced production equipment and advanced management concepts, new supporting the German OBLF vacuum direct reading optical spectrum analyzer and a full range of mechanical test equipment and a variety of nondestructive testing equipment and metallographic image analysis system, strengthen the quality control of the production process to ensure product quality on a higher level, the production capacity greatly improved.
    From 2009, the company began development and production of marine castings have been successfully produced thousands of tons ship castings. Produced the largest marine casting 78,000 tons ship's stern frame, weighing 30 tons, the other on the rudder, hung rudder arm, stern frame casting. Laid a solid foundation for the production of marine steel castings.
    Year round to provide the Company is the world's largest mining machinery, Sandvik cone break cast steel (10,000 tons under the shell, cone, etc.), the Company's production of steel castings, sales around the country, shipping, metallurgy , electricity, water pumps and other market-based, and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other international markets. Product sales to get the user high praise.
    The company adhere to the concept of "talent thriving enterprise, the technology leader in the development, relying on the talent and technology, continuous innovation, adhere to" quality first, integrity-based "business philosophy; qualified products and the integrity of the quality to win the market.
    Spirit of enterprise in the new century, the company will continue the spirit of "quality first, innovative and pragmatic, sincere service", along the new ideas of the sustainable development of business strategy, according to ISO9001: 2008 standard to continue to improve the quality management system, gradually raise the level of management with international standards. Substandard products not manufactured "in the fierce market competition, adhering to the principle of service to pursue a new starting point, a new target.
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